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Rap Collection-compliled in 2002

This is only a list for organizational purposes, I do not want to sell anything unless you have something on my wantlist. I've added approx 2,000 items since but am too lazy to update this list!

** My want list is at the bottom!


Group Title Format

4080 Complilation Vol 3 cd
4080 Mobbin thru the Bay cd
4080 Vol 2 'Bayluv' cd
11/5 The Overdose cd
11/5 A-1 Yola cdr
11/5 Fiendin 4 Tha Funk cdr
17 Reasons Compilation cd
18 Wit A Bullet compilation cd
2 One One In Progress cd
2 Sicc Tales From the Sicc cd
20-2-Life Up 4 Parole Cassette
2-Live Crew Move Somethin cd & cassette
2-Live Crew What I Like 12" Single
2-Live Crew Yakety-Yak/Mega Mix 2 Cassette single
2-Live Crew Is What We Are cd
2nd II None 2nd II None cd & cassette
2Pac 2Pacalypse Now Cassette
2-Pac All Eyez on Me cd
2Pac Strictly 4 My NIGGAZ cd & cassette
2wice-Wuz Crackulatin Compilation cd
3-2 The Wicked Buddah Baby Cassette
3rd Bass 3rd Bass Theme Cassette single
3rd Bass Derelicts of Dialect Cassette
3rd Bass The Cactus Album Cassette
3XKrazy Stackin Chips cd
3XKrazy presents B.A. (aka Mr. Kamakazi) Block Report cd
415 41Fivin cd
415 Nu Niggaz on Tha Block Cassette
4-Tay Rappin' 4-Tay is Back Cassette
5150 Games People Play cdr
5th Ward Boys PWA The Album Keep it Poppin cd
5th Ward Boys Rated G cd & cassette
5th Ward Boys Usual Suspects cd
5th Ward Boyz Ghetto Dope Cassette
5th Ward Boyz Recognize the Mob cd
5th Ward Juvenilez Deadly Groundz Cassette
707 Comp-Johnny Z & Young Dru Compilation cd
707 Comppilation (Johnny Z & Young Dru) The Sequal cd
707 Hustlers Hard to Get cd
7A3 Coolin' in Cali Cassette
A Tribe Called Quest Low End Theory cd
A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders Cassette
A Tribe Called Quest Peoples Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm cd
A-1 Mash Confusion cd
Above The Law Black Mafia Life cd & cassette
Above The Law Forever:Rich Thugs cd
Above The Law Legends cd
Above The Law Livin Like Hustlers cd & cassette
Above The Law Murder Rap/Another Execution Cassette single
Above The Law Time Will Reveal cd & cassette
Above The Law Uncle Sam's Curse cd & cassette
Above The Law Vocally Pimpin Cassette single
Ace Duece 1 Luv cd
Ace Duece Comin Up N Da Ghetto Cassette
African Identity You Won't Come to My Funeral cd & cassette
Afrika Bambaataa Beware Vinyl Album
Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown Unity 12" Single
Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force Frantic Situation 12" Single
A-G-2-A-Ke Mil-Ticket cd
Agerman Success the Best Revenge cd
Alias III Street Aid 12" Single-SOLD (mp3 only)
Alkaholiks Likwidation cd
All About Cash Compilation cd
All Money is Good Money Compilation cd
All Too Critical All Too Critical (1996) cd
Almighty 3 To the Other MCs 12" Single
Ambassadors of Funk The Show Must Go On Cassette
America is Dying Slowly Compilation cd
America's Most Wanted (AMW) Criminals cd & cassette
America's Most Wanted (AMW) The Real Mobb cd & cassette
AMG Bitch Better Have My Money Cassette
Anquette Respect Cassette
Ant Banks Big Thangs cd & cassette
Ant Banks Do or Die Cassette
Ant Banks Sittin on Somethin Phat Cassette
Ant Banks T.W.D.Y. cd
Ant Banks The Best of Ant Banks cd
Ant Banks The Big Badass cd
Anti-Sober Compilation cd
Apartment 3 Soundtrack Compilation cd
APG Crew Oaktowns Finest Cassette
APG Crew On The Rise Cassette
Arabian Prince Brother Arab cd
Arabian Prince It Ain't Tough 12" Single
Arapahoe T.R.U.E.S. Original Rhythm & Hard Core Hip Hop Blues cdr
Assassin Soldierz at War cd
Assassin-Born and Raised in the Bay Compilation cd
Assault & Battery Assault & Battery cd & cassette
Att Will Do It At Will Cassette
Audio Assault Squad Comin Up Out This Bitch Cassette
Awesome Dre and the Hardcore Committee A.D.'s Revenge cd
Awesome Dre and the Hardcore Committee You Can't Hold Me Back cd
AWOL Westcoast Trippin Compilation cd
Aztlan Nation !!?Beaner Go Home?!! Cassette
B.G. Chopper City cd
B.G. Chopper City in the Ghetto cd
B.G. Its All on U cd
B.G. True Stories cdr
Baby Beesh On Tha Cool cd
Baby Beesh presents What's Really cd
Baby D Off Da Chain cdr
Badwayz I'm the Bad Guy cd
Balli and the Fat Daddy The Master Plan Cassette
Ballin Ass Dame Presents The Streets of Sacramento Compilation cd
Bay Area Playaz Compilation cd & cassette
Bay Area Playaz 4 Compilation cd
Bayriderz Compilation cd
B-Boy Posse Compilation 1988 Sutra cd
Beastie Boys Check Your Head Cassette
Beastie Boys Hold it Now, Hit it 12" Single
Beastie Boys Liscensed To ILL cd & cassette
Beastie Boys Rock Hard/Beastie Groove 12" Single
Beat Street Vol 1 Soundtrack Cassette
Beat Street Vol 2 Soundtrack Vinyl Album
Beatmaster Clay D & Prince Rahiem Pull It All The Way Down Cassette
Beatmaster Clay D & The Get Funky Crew Shake Them Cassette
Beatmaster Clay D & The Get Funky Crew You be You and I be Me Cassette
BeGee BlackGorillaMilaTactics cd
BeGee Ya Gotta BG cd & cassette
Betty Boo & MS thang Bad Girls 12" Single
BFM City O Dope Cassette
BHP Eastbound cdr
Biaje Strictly Sickly cd
Big Al Ghetto Stories cd
Big B Nothing But Game cdr
Big Bullet We Gets Perved cd
Big Daddy Kane Long Live the Kane Cassette
Big Hollis-The Knocks 2001 Compilation cd
Big Hutch Executive Decisions cd
Big Mike Hard To Hit cd
Big Mike Somethin' Serious cd
Big Mike Still Serious cd
Big Ocean Mobb 415 Wrangler Tuff cd
Big Tymers How You Luv That cd
Bigtyme Vol 1 Still Afloat cdr & cassette
Biz Markie Goin Off Vinyl Album
Biz Markie Goin' Off cd
Biz Markie The Biz Never Sleeps Cassette
Blac Monks No Mercy cd
Blac Monks Secrets of The Hidden Temple Cassette
Black Dynasty Asphault Jungle Cassette
Black Market Best of Blackmarket cd
Black Market-Best of Sacramento-The Past Complilation cd
Black Market-No Face Killaz Compilation cd
Black Mopia Clan BMC 4 Life cd
Black Rhino Paper Route cd
Black Sheep A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Cassette
B-Legit Hemp Museum cd
B-Legit Tryin to Get A Buck (OG) cd & cassette
B-Legit Hempin Ain't Easy cdr
B-Legit Hard 2 B Legit cd
Blofly What U Need? cd
Blood of Abraham Future Profits Cassette
Bloodline Bloodline cd
Bloods & Crips Bangin on Wax Vol 2 cd
Bloods & Crips Bangin on Wax Vol 1 cd & cassette
Blue Ragg Tales From the Crip cdr
Bobby Jimmy & The Critters Fresh Guys/Sheeps 12" Single
Bobby Jimmy & The Critters Ugly Knuckle Butt Vinyl Album
Body Count Body Count (Cop Killer) Cassette
Bomb The Bass Beat Dis 12" Single
Bombay presents The golden Boy Compilation cd
Bone Hard Productions feat. Big Mello Bone Hard Zaggin Cassette
Bone Hard Productions feat. Big Mello Wegonefunkwichamind cd & cassette
Boogie Boys City Life Cassette
Boogie Boys I'm Comin/Romeo Knight 12" Single
Boogie Boys Romeo Knight Cassette
Boogie Boys Survival of The Freshest Vinyl Album
Boogie Boys City Life 12" Single
Boogie Down Productions By All Means Necessary cd & cassette
Boogie Down Productions Criminal Minded cd
Boogie Down Productions Duck Down Cassette single
Boogie Down Productions Ghetto Music:Blueprint Cassette
Boogie Down Productions Live Hardcore Worldwide cd
Boogie Down Productions Love's Gonna Get'Cha Cassette single
Boogie Down Productions Man & His Music cd
Bootleg Death Before Dishonesty cd
Boo-Yaa Tribe Mafia Lifestyle cd
Boo-Yaa Tribe New Funky Nation cd
Boo-Yaa Tribe Occupation Hazardous Cassette
Boo-Yaa Tribe Rumors of A Dead man Cassette single
Born 2wice U Have The Right 2 Remain Violent Cassette
BOSE Rock The World Cassette
Boys From The Bottom Boom I Got Your Girlfriend Cassette
Boyz N the Hood Soundtrack Cassette & cdr
Brand Nubian One For All Cassette
Breakin Soundtrack Cassette
Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo Vinyl Album
Breeze The Young Son Of No One Cassette
Brotha Lynch Hung 24 Deep cd
Brotha Lynch Hung EBK4 cd
Brotha Lynch Hung Loaded cd
Brotha Lynch Hung Season of Da Siccness cd
Brotha Lynch Hung The Virus cd
Brotha Lynch Hung & C Bo Blocc Movement cd
Brotha Lynch Hung & Sicx Nigga Deep cd
Brothers Uv Da Blackmarket Ruff Life Cassette
Brown Skin Artists Barrio Funk Cassette
Burnaz The Album cd
Businessmen,Ballers and Hustlers Compilation cd
Byron Davis & The Fresh Crew Don't Be Bashful Cassette
Byron Davis & The Fresh Crew Shotgun/Violence/U-Funky/Dollar Sign 12" Single
Byron Davis & The Fresh Crew Wanna Be's 12" Single
BZ2 Mcs We're Troopers 12" Single
C.I.N. 94 Mobsta's cd
C.I.N. Richmond Roulette cd & cassette
Cadillac Todd My Bitch cdr
Cali Factorz 2 Compilation cd
Cali Kings Hip Hop Mix compilation cd
Cap 1 Through the Eyes of a Don cd
Capital Punishment Livin' on The Edge of a Razor cd & cassette
Capt. Rock The House of Rock/You Stink 12" Single
Cash Money & Marvelous Play it Kool/Ugly People Be Quiet 12" Single
Cash Money & Marvelous Where's the Party At? cassette
Cassadine Man Handler (75 Girls) Cassette
Cavvy Ridahz Compilation cd
Caz Thundadome cd
C-BO Enemy of the State cd
C-BO Gas Chamber cd
C-BO One Life to Live cd
C-BO Tales from the Crypt cd & cassette
C-BO The Autopsy cd & cassette
C-BO The Final Chapter cd
C-BO Til' My Casket Drops cd
Cell Block Vol 1 Compilation Cassette
CellBlock Comp Vol 2-Face off Compilation cd
Cellski Canadian Bacon & Hash Browns cd
Cellski Mafia Moves cdr
Cellski Mr Predicter cd & cassette
Cellski Freestyle Mixtape Vol. 1 cd
Celly Cel G Files cd
Celly Cel Heat 4 Yo Azz cd & cassette
Celly Cel Killa Kali cd
Celly Cel Deep Conversation cdr
Certified-feat. Yukmouth,marvaless,big Lurch Official Records presents cd
C-Funk I'm Out 2 Stoages Cassette
Chilee Powdah HighMentality cd
Chilee Powdah Retrospect cd
Chilee Powdah Way Too Real cd & cassette
Chill Bola Hellraiser cd
Chill-C My Trunk is Boomin/Louie Bass 12" Single
Choice MCs feat. Fresh Gordon Beat of the Street/Gordy's Groove 12" Single
Chronic 2000 Compilation cd
Chubb Rock feat. Hitman Howie Tee Chubb Rock feat. Hitman Howie Tee Cassette
Chubb Rock with Hitman Howie Tee DJ Innovator/I Feel Good Vinyl Album
Chubb Rock with Howie Tee And The Winner Is… Cassette
Chuck Nutt Give it Up cd
Chuck Nutt One Nutt Too Many cd
Chunk Break 'Em off A Chunk cd & cassette
Chunk Still the Menace Cassette
Chunk Hard to Swallow cdr
CIA My Posse/Jus 4 the Cash/Ill-legal 12" Single
C-Lim What Dat 'N' Like cd
Cli-n-tel 2030 12" Single
Cloud Nine Productions Fattest Jams Vol 1 cd
C-Note Third Coast Born cd
Cold World Hustlers Iceland Cassette
Cold World Hustlers Cold Streets cdr
Common Sense Can I Borrow a Dollar? Cassette
Comp Files Compilation cd
Compton's Most Wanted It's A Compton Thang cd
Compton's Most Wanted Music To Drive By cd
Compton's Most Wanted Represent cd
Compton's Most Wanted Represent cd
Compton's Most Wanted When We Wuz Bangin cd
Comrads Comrads cd
Concentration Camp Da Holocaust cd
Concentration Camp Vol 1 Compilation cdr
Concrete Poetry: Mile High Underground Vol 1 Compilation cd
Confuej'on Babylon cd
Conscious Daughters Ear to the Street cd
Constant Drama Compilation cd
Cool Nutz Speakin Upon a Million cd
Cool Breeze East Points Greatest hits cd
Cool C I Gotta Habit cd
Cool E Welcome to Hell cd
Cool-E Funk Fo' Life cd
Coppertone Conspiracy Funky Overthrow Cassette
Cosmic Slop Shop Da Family cd
Cousin Ice Firefly 12" Single
CPO To Hell And Back Cassette
Cream Compilation cd
Crime Boss All in the Game cd & cassette
Crime Boss Conflicts and Confusion cd
Crime Boss Still at Large cd
Criminal Behavior Portrait of A Killer Cassette
Criminal Elament Hit Em Where it Hurts cd & cassette
Criminal Elament Undaground Railroad cd
Criminal Nation Release the Pressure cd & cassette
Criminal Nation Trouble in the Hood cd & cassette
Crooked Path Which Way Is Up cd & cassette
Crucial Conflict Good Side Bad Side cd
Crucial Conflict The Final Tic cdr
Crusaders for Real Hip-Hop déjà vu-its '82 Cassette
Cutthroat Committee presented by Mac Dre Turf Buccaneers cd
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill Cassette & cdr
D of Trinity Garden Cartel Game Done Changed cd
D of Trinity Garden Cartel I Love N.I.G.G.A.Z. cd
D of Trinity Garden Cartel Straight Texas Hoodlum cd & cassette
D.E.F. feat DJ Three D D.E.F. Momentum 12" Single
D.O.C. No One Can Do it Better cd
Da Buddha Klan Da Buddha Klan (Big Al presents) cd
Da Bumble-Capitol B presents Compilation cd
Da Campaign Mac-A-Million cd
Da Herbman Blowin Big/Mafia Melodies cdr
Da Hoodstas Hoodsta Madness Cassette
Da' Kat Still Subbin' cd
Da Lench Mob Guerillas In Tha Mist cd & cassette
Da Unda Dogg Best of Da Millennium Compilation cd
Da Unda Dogg Fresh Out Da Gatez-The Autobiograpy cd
Da' Unda Dogg Steady Smashin' cd
Daddy-O You Can Be A Daddy, But Never Daddy O Cassette
Dallas to Houston I-45 Grindin cd
Dana Dane Cinderfella Dana Dane 12" Single
Dana Dane This Be The Def Beat/Dana Dane is Coming to Town 12" Single
Dana Dane With Fame Vinyl Album
Dangerous Dame Escape From The Mental Ward cdr
Dangerous Dame I Got What You Want cd & cassette
Dangerous Dame Make Room 4 Daddy cd & cassette
Dangerous Dame Same Ole Dame Cassette
Davy DMX The DMX Will Rock 12" Single
Davy. D Feel for You/Davy's Ride 12" Single
Dayton Family F.B.I. cd
Dayton Family What's On My Mind? cd
Daz & JT Longbeach to Fillmoe cd
Daz Dillinger Retaliation, Revenge & Get Back cd
Daz Dillinger Whoride With Us Vol 2 cd
Daz presents Who Ride Wit Us Vol 1 Compilation cd
Dazzie Dee The Re-Birth cd
DBG'z P'hissed Off! Cassette
D-Bone Blackman Cassette
D-Crew Breakthrough Cassette
Deco-D Soul Taker cd
Deco-D Surgery On The Game cd
Dee-Lyrious Delirious cd & cassette
Def & Defiance The Wild Wild West 12" Single
Def Jef Give it Here Cassette single
Del! The Funky Homosapien No Need For Alarm Cassette
Delinquents Big Moves cd
Delinquents The AlleyWay Cassette
DenGee DenGee Livin cd
Derek B Bullet From A Gun Cassette
Desperados Black Market presents Desperados cd
Detroit's Most Wanted Many Faces of Death Vol 3 Cassette
Detroit's Most Wanted Tricks of the Trade Vol 2 Cassette
Deuce Below Cartel True Stories cd
DFC The Whole World's Rotten cd
DFC Things IN The hood cd & cassette
D-Flexx Planet Playa Cassette
Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop Cassette
Digital Underground Sex Packets cd & cassette
Digital Underground Sons of the P cd
Dirty The Pimp & Da Gangsta cd
Dirty Country Versatile cd
Disco 3 (Fat Boys) Fat Boys/Human Beat Box 12" Single
Divine Sounds How Fast Money Goes 12" Single
DJ Alladin Feat. Ice-T & Tha West Coast Rydaz Sport Ya Vest In tha West Cassette
DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip Masters of the Rhythm Cassette
DJ Daryl's Block Monstaz Compilation cd
DJ Fury Bass Man Cassette
DJ Hollywood To Whoever it May Concern 12" Single
DJ Kool The Music Ain't Loud Enough Cassette
DJ Magic Mike Bass Is the Name of the Game Cassette
DJ Magic Mike Bass:The Final Frontier Cassette
DJ Magic Mike This Is How it Should Be Done Cassette
DJ Magic Mike & The Royal Posse DJ Magic Mike & The Royal Posse Cassette
DJ Magic Mike & The Royal Posse Representin Cassette
DJ Pooh Bad News Travels Fast cd
DJ Quik Quik Is The Name cd & cassette
DJ Quik Rhythm-al-ism cd
DJ Quik Safe and Sound cd
DJ Quik Way 2 Fonky cd & cassette
DJ Red Alert We Can Do This Cassette
DJ Slice Check it Out/Slice It Up 12" Single
DJ Snake King of Bass cd
DJ Squeeky In Da Beginning Vol. 1 cd
DJ Squeeky Legacy cd
DJ Squeeky Summer Mix 95 cd
DJ Squeeky & the Family During the Mission cd
DJ Squeeky & the Family On A Mission cd
DJ Squeeky Presents: Tom Skeemask 2 Wild for the World cd
DJ Zirk Lookin for Da Chewin cd
D'Love Rollin (75 Girls) Cassette
D-Moe Do you Feel Me? cd
DMS Takin' Ends cd & cassette
Do or Die Picture This cd
Doctor Ice The Mic Stalker cd
Doctor Rocx & Co Do the Roxanne (Dance) 12" Single
Doctor Rocx & Co feat Kydd Fresh Takin it to the Floor/Saturday Mornin Scratch Attack 12" Single
Doctor Roxz & Co Jam Scratchin/Girlfriends-Boyfriends 12" Single
Dogday Hitz From Tha Barrio Compilation cd
Doja Clik Speed Kills Cassette & cdr
Dollars&Spence Records Family Tree Compilation cd
Domino Domino (OG cd) cd & cassette
Domino Physical Funk cd
Don P You Ain't Know cd
Donald D Let The Horns Blow Cassette
Donald D Notorious Cassette
Donald Dee Don't Cha Go Nowhere 12" Single
Dorasel Unleash The Beast cd
Dosia Waiting to Inhale cd
Double D Think About It Cassette
Doug E Fresh & MC Ricky D (Slick Rick) The Show & La-Di-Da-Di 12" Single
Down South Hustlers Bouncin & Swingin cd & cassette
Downtown Science Downtown Science Cassette
Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde AM/PM 12" Single
Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde The Champagne of Rap Vinyl Album
Dr. Dre 2001 cd
Dr. Dre Chronic cd
Dr. Fresh Outlaws Dance 12" Single
Dr. Fresh Roxanne's Doctor: The Real Man 12" Single
Dre Dog I Hate You With a Passion cd
Dre Dog The New Jim Jones cd
Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) Cocaine Raps (Limited Edition) cd
Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) Daquiri Factory cdr
Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) Raven In My Eyes cd
Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) Tears of A Clown cd
Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) Hell's Kitchen cd
D-Red Smokin & Leanin 2000 cd
Dre-D Fast Dreams cd
Dru Down Fools From The Streets Cassette
D-Shot Boss Ballin 1 cd
D-Shot The Shot Calla Cassette
D-Shot Boss Ballin 2 cd
D-Shot Six Figures cd
DTL Dyin' 2 Live Cassette
Dub My Way Or the Die Way cd
Dubee Aka Sugawolf AKA Sugawolf cd & cassette
Dubee Aka Sugawolf Dangerous Prospects cd
Dubee Aka Sugawolf For that Scrilla cd
Dubee Aka Sugawolf 100% G Shit cd
Duce Duce A Sip of The Duce Cassette
Dumb Guys Rap-O-Matic Rap 12" Single
Dush Tray The Coldest cdr
Dush Tray I'll Rather Lounge cdr
Dutch The Peacekeeper cd
DW & The Party Crew Freaky Lover 12" Single-SOLD (mp3 only)
DW & The Party Crew Rappin Roxy 12" Single
DW & The Party Crew Roxy: Roxanne's Sister 12" Single
E.B.-Daddy of the Hood Stickin to The Plan cd
E-40 Chalie Hustle:Blueprint cd
E-40 Element of Surprise cd
E-40 Hall of Game cd
E-40 In A Major Way cd & cassette
E-40 Loyalty & Betrayal cd & cassette
E-40 Grit & Grind cd
E-40 Federal (OG) cd
E-40 The Mailman cd & cassette
EA-Ski 1 Step Ahead of Y'all cdr
Eazy-E Eazy-Duz-It cd & cassette
Eazy-E 5150 Home For the Sick cdr
Eazy-E It's On 187umKilla cd
Eazy-E & Ron-de-vu LA is the Place/Fat Girl/The Boyz in the Hood (og versions) 12" Single
Egyptian Lover And My Beat Goes Boom(Long Version)/Computer love 12" Single
Egyptian Lover Dance 12" Single
Egyptian Lover Egypt,Egypt/And My Beat Goes Boom/What is A DJ 12" Single
Egyptian Lover On The Nile Vinyl Album & cd
Egyptian Lover You're So Fine 12" Single
Eightball Lost cd
Eightball & MJG Comin Out Hard cd & cassette
Eightball & MJG In Our Lifetime cdr
Eightball & MJG On the Outside Looking In cd & cassette
Eightball & MJG On Top Of The World Cassette
Eightball presents The Slab Compilation cd
Elite So Marvelous cd
El-Kaye Money Makin Recipe cd & cassette
Enterprise Compilation JT the Bigga Figga cd
EPMD Business As Usual Cassette
EPMD Strictly Business cd
EPMD Unfinished Business cd & cassette
Erase-E Strictly 4 the G's cd & cassette
Eric B & Rakim Follow The Leader cd & cassette
Eric B & Rakim Let the Rhythm Hit Em Cassette
Eric B & Rakim Paid In Full cd & cassette
Eric B & Rakim Paid In Full Vinyl Album
Eric B and Rakim I Know you Got Soul 12" Single
Eric B feat. Rakim Eric B is President/My Melody 12" Single
ESG Ocean Of Funk Cassette
Esham Boomin Words From Hell cd & cassette
Esham Mail Dominance cd
Esham Closed Casket cd & cassette
Esham Judgement Day Vol. 1 Cassette
Esham Judgement Day Vol. 2 Cassette
Esham Tongues cd
Esham Dead Flower cdr
E-Vette Money Evette's Revenge 12" Single
EZSD Game Too Be Sold cd & cassette
Façade The Groove 12" Single
FaceMob The Other Side of the Law cd
Fam Bam Clicc Da Bombay cd
Fat Boys Fat Boys Vinyl Album
Fat Boys Sex Machine 12" Single
Fat Boys The Best Of (All Meat, No Filler) cd
Fat Boys The Fat Boys Are Back Vinyl Album
Fat Boys The Fat Boys Are Back 12" Single
Felony Redrum781 Cassette
Fidel Castro Absolute Power cd
Fiend There's One IN Every Family cd
Fig Naytion presented by Brotha Lynch Hung Naytion's Capitol cd
Figaro-Fillmoe 2 Hunters Point Vol 0 Compilation cd
Fila Fresh Crew Tuffest Man Alive Cassette
Fire Redrum Gangsta Profile cd
First Degree Southbound Cassette & cdr
First Degree The DE Planet Zero cd
Fly Boys Pump Up The Booty 12" Single
Flymar Ya Betta Ask Somebody Cassette
Foe Loco Foecus cd
Fortune Ent. Pres. Almost Famous Compilation cd
Franchise Playaz Compilation Hoppin in tha Game cd
Freaky Fred Game Check cd & cassette
Freshco & Miz We Don't Play Cassette
Funk Daddy Funk Daddy is The Source cd & cassette
Funk Daddy Funk U Right on Up cd & cassette
Funk Daddy iwantallthat cd
Funk Mobb It ain't 4 Play cd
Funky Aztecs Addicted cd
Funky Aztecs Chicano Blues Cassette
Funxsouljaz Neva Walk Alone cd
Funxsouljaz North Bay bumbles 1993-2001 cd
Fu-Schnickens FU Don't Take it Personal Cassette
FWC Organized Crime cd
Game Related Soak Game (OG) cd & cassette
Game Related Soak Game (re-release) cd
Gangsta Blac Can it Be? cd
Gangsta Blac I Am Da Gangsta cd
Gangsta Blac Down South Flava cd
Gangsta Boo Enquiring Minds cd
Gangsta Boo 69* Both Worlds cd
Gangsta Dre Inner City Poet cd
Gangsta Dre Gang Banging Poetry The Sequel cd
Gangsta Pat Sex, Money & Murder Cassette
Gangsta Pat #1 Suspect cd
Gangsta Pat Homicidal Lifestyle cd
Gank Move Come In To My World cd & cassette
Ganksta C Str8-Husla Cassette
Gelo Havin it My Way cd & cassette
George Clinton Parliament/Funkadelic Vinyl Album
Get Low Playaz(GLP) Family Business cd
Get Low Playaz(GLP) Straight Out the Labb cd & cassette
Get Low Playaz(GLP) The Package cd
Get Low Playaz(GLP) What We Known Fo' cd & cassette
Geto Boys 3rd Album(Black-Mugshot cover) cd
Geto Boys Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly cd
Ghetto Boys Grip It..On that other Level cd
Ghetto Boys Making Trouble cd & cassette
Ghetto Kaos Guilty as Charged Cassette & cdr
Ghetto Mafia On Da Grind cd
Ghetto Mafia Straight From The Dec cd
Gigalo Tony Aint It Good To Ya cd & cassette
Gigalo Tony/Lacey Lace The Parents of Roxanne 12" Single
Gimisum Army WAR cd
G-ISM On A Mission cd
Goldy In The Land of Funk Cassette
Got Much Game Way 2 Skandaless cd
Grand Daddy I.U. Smooth Assassin cd
Grandmaster Flash Style 12" Single
Grandmaster Flash The Source Vinyl Album
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Greatest Messages Vinyl Album
Grandmaster Melle Mel Jesse 12" Single
Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five Vinyl Album
Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five Pump Me Up 12" Single
Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious Five World War 3/The Truth 12" Single
Grandmeaster Flash They Said it Couldn't Be Done 12" Single
Grandmixer DST Cuts it Up 12" Single
Grandmixer DST Home of Hip Hop 12" Single
Grandmixer DST Mean Machine 12" Single
Grandmixer DST Why Is It Fresh/Mega-mix 2 12" Single
Greg Mack What Does it All Mean? (compilation) Cassette
Gregory D Niggaz In Da Boot Cassette
Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh D Rules The Nation cd & cassette
Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh Throw Down Cassette
Gregory D & Mannie Fresh Crack Slangas Cassette single
G-Rizm deployed the Brigade Self-Titled cd
Grope 1 Mission Complete cd
Ground Zero Future of The Funk EP Cassette
Gruuveline Connection Tyme II Ryde cd
Gucci Crew II G4 Cassette
Gucci Crew II So Def, So Fresh, So Stupid Cassette
Gucci Crew II What Time is it? It's Gucci Time cd
Guce Clear and Present Danger cd
Guce If it Ain't Real It ain't Official cd
Guce Pure Pressure cdr
Guerilla Maab Rise cd
Guerilla Maab In The Mist of Guerillas cd
Guilty Til Proven Innocent 2001 Compilation cd
Gulf Coast compilation Compilation Pimpin A Hustle cd
H.M.H. Comin Off cd
Hambo First Rap Part 2 12" Single
Hard Boys Groupies Cassette single
Havoc & Prodeje Kickin Game cd & cassette
Havoc & Prodeje Livin' In A Crime Wave cd & cassette
Havoc & Prodeje Truez Neva Stop cd
Haystak Mak Million cd
Haystak Car Fulla White Boys cd
Haystak The Natural cd
Heat Compilation cd
Heat 2 Ghetto Session cd
Heat 2-Ghetto Session Compilation cd
Heated Speeches presented by Done Deal Ent. Compilation cd
Heavy D and the Boyz Mr Big Stuff 12" Single
Heavy D and the Boyz The Overweight Lovers in the House 12" Single
Herbie Hancock AutoDrive/Chameleon 12" Single
Herbie Hancock Mega Mix/TFS/Earth Beat 12" Single
Herbie Hancock Sound-System Vinyl Album
Herm Still Tryin to Survive in The Ghetto Cassette
Herm Tryin to Survive in The Ghetto cd & cassette
Herm-Back in Stride Again Compilation cd
Herm-Still Tryin Compilation cd
High Performance All Things Considered Cassette
High Performance Kollision cd
High Performance Entertainment presents The Product (compilation) cd
Hip Hop Decade-Raza Unida Compilation cd
Hip Hop East Meets West:Da Undaground Sound Compilation cd
Hitman RBL Posse H2O Vol 1 cd
Hitman RBL Posse Solo Creep cd
Hitmen Here Come Tha Hitmen cd & cassette
Hollow Tip Thug Status cd
Hollow Tip Flawless cdr
Hollow Tip & Mic-C - 2 Sav Saved Out cd
Homicide & The J.A.K. Squad Knockin' Off All Weak MC's Cassette
Hook Boog Kreepin While Ya Sleepin cd
Hook Boogie This Way or That Way Cassette
Hot Boys Get It How You Live Cassette
Hot Boys Guerilla Warfare cd
Hugh E.M.C. & DJ X1 Gangsta Knowledge Cassette
Hyptnotize Camp Posse Hyptnotize Camp Posse(3-6 Mafia presents) cd
Hyrisk Risky Business cd
I.R.S. America's Ghettos cd
Ice Cube AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted cd & cassette
Ice Cube Death Certificate cd
Ice Lord Now Who Dat cd
Ice-T Home Invasion Cassette
Ice-T Make it Funky 12" Single
Ice-T OG Original Gangster cd & cassette
Ice-T Power Cassette
Ice-T Rhyme Pays cd & cassette
II Foe Tha $ It's Goin' Down Cassette
IMP Back in the Days cd
IMP ill Mannered Playas cd & cassette
Indo G Angel Dust cd
Insane Poetry Blacc Plague cd & cassette
Insane Poetry Grim Reality cd
Instant Funk Tailspin 12" Single
International Blunt Funk Compilation Cassette
Ironic De Vallejo cd
Isolated in The Game Compilation cd
ITPG From the Womb to the Tomb cd
Izreals Turf Thuggin cd
Ja Rule Venni Vetti Vecci cd
Jack Frost and B.A.N.M.E. Based Onna True Story Cassette
Jack Master Funk Jack the Bass/Jack the Dick 12" Single
Jam on Bass Vol 1 Compilation cd & cassette
Jam on Bass Vol 2 Compilation cd
Jamie Jupitor Computer Power 12" Single
Javier & The Str8Jackers The Hard Way cd & cassette
Jay Tee So Cold cd
Jayo Felony Crip Hop cd
Jaz Hawaiian Sophie Cassette single
Jazzy D A Wack Girl 12" Single
Jazzy Jeff King Heroin 12" Single
Jazzy Jeff Mix So I can Go Crazy/Rock It 12" Single
Jazzy Jeff On Fire Vinyl Album
JCD and the Dawg Pound LB A Day in the Life Cassette
J-Cutt It's On cd
Jellybean Wotupski!?! Vinyl Album
Jermaine Dupri Life in 1472 cd
Jerry G 240 cd
Jimmy G & The Tackheads Federation of Tackheads Vinyl Album
JJ Fad Supersonic Cassette
J-Mack Bloody Money cd
J-Mack Crime Rate cd
Joeski Love Pee-Wee's Dance 12" Single
Joeski Love Say Joe/My Girl 12" Single
Johnny Z's Hardest Hitters Compilation cd
Joker the Bailbondsman In Real Life cd
JT presents Bay Area Bosses Compilation cd
JT The Bigga Figga Dwellin in Tha Labb cd & cassette
JT The Bigga Figga Game Tight cd
JT The Bigga Figga Operation Takeover cd
JT The Bigga Figga Playaz N The Game cd & cassette
JT The Bigga Figga Don't Stop Till We Major cdr
Jungle Brothers Done By The Forces of Nature Cassette
Jungle Brothers Straight Out the Jungle Cassette
Just Ice Kool & Deadly Cassette
Just Ice Masterpiece cd & cassette
Just Ice Na Touch Da Just/Freedom of Speech '88 12" Single
Just Ice Back to The Old School Vinyl Album
Just Mello Since Day One cd
Juvenile 400 Degreez cd
Juvenile The G Code cd
JVC Force Doin Damage Cassette
JVC Force Strong Island/Nu Skool 12" Single
K 9 Posse Ain't Nothin to it Cassette single
Kacino Life is a Gamble cd
Kam Neva Again Cassette
Kam Made In America Cassette
Kami Kaze Inc. KAMIEZAK cd
Kaos In The Mist of Kaos Cassette
Kaos & Mystro Outcast Vol. 1 Cassette
Kaze Kamakazie Timez Up cd
Keylo Giving Up the Funk Cassette
Khayree The Blackalation cd
Kid Capri The Tape Cassette
Kid Frost East Side Story Cassette
Kid Frost Hispanic Causin Panic Cassette
Kid Frost Terminator 12" Single
Kid N Play 2 Hype Cassette
Kid Sensation Back 2 Boom/I Spit 12" Single
Kid Sensation The Power of Rhyme Cassette
Killa Beats Death Penalty cd
Killa Tay Mr. Mafioso cd
Killa Tay's Thug Thisle Compilation cd
Killa Valley pres. Controversy Sells Compilation cd
Killafornia Organization cd
Killahoe Music Vol 1 Attack of the Killahoe cd
Kilo America Has A Problem (Cocaine) Cassette
Kilo A Town Rush Cassette
Kilo Bluntly Speaking Cassette
Kinfolks Compilation They Ain't Know'n cd & cassette
King George Playas & Hustlas cd
King Tee Act A Fool cd & cassette
Kingpin Skinny Pimp 2000 Rapdope Game cd
Kingpin Skinny Pimp King of Da Playaz Ball cd
Kingpin Skinny Pimp The New Beginning cd & cassette
Kingpin Skinny Pimp Back To Da Playaz Ball cd
Kingpin Skinny Pimp Da Product cd
Kingpin Skinny Pimp The New Beginning cd
Kingpin Skinny Pimp Still Pimpin & Hustlin cd
Kingpin Skinny Pimp Skinny But Dangerous cd
Kingpin Skinny Pimp & 211 Controversy cd
Kingpins Only Kingpins Only cd
Kings of Pressure Slang Teacher Cassette
KMC Three Men With the Power of Ten Cassette
Kokane Funk Upon a Rhyme cd & cassette
Kokane They Call Me Mr. Kane cd
Kokane (Who Am I ?) Addictive Hip Hop Muzick cd & cassette
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Road to the Riches Cassette
Kool Moe Dee Do You Know What Time it Is?/I'm Kool Moe Dee 12" Single
Kooley C Watchin My Style/Let's Dance 12" Single
Koopsta Knicca Da Devils Playground cd
Kottonmouth 100% Kottonmouth cd
Kottonmouth Killa Kottonfields cd
Kottonmouth Kotton Candy cdr
Kraftwerk Tour De France 12" Single
K-Rino 3rd Album cd
K-Rino Danger Zone Cassette
K-Rino Stories From The Black Book cd & cassette
K-Rino No Mercy cd
Krown Rulers Paper Chase Cassette
Krush 2 Ghetto Beats/Ghetto Jump 12" Single
K-Sam Infamous Playa Cassette
K-Solo Tell The World My Name cd & cassette
K-Solo Times Up Cassette
Kurtis Blow Ego Trip Vinyl Album
Kurtis Blow Kingdom Blow Vinyl Album
Kurtis Blow Party time? Cassette
Kurtis Blow Rappin '79 12" Single
La' Chat Murder She Spoke cd
LA Dream Team Calling On The Dream Team 12" Single
LA Dream Team Is in the House 12" Single
LA Dream Team Kings of the West Coast Vinyl Album
LA Dream Team Rockberry Jam/Funky Fresh 12" Single
Lake Berryessa Soundtrack cd
Land of Da Lost Gone Fishin' cd
Laroo Fear No Fate cd
Larry Larr Da Wizard Of Odds Cassette
Latino Velvet Clique Velvet City cd
Latino Velvet Project-Jay Tee & Baby Beesh Compilation cd
Lawhouse Experience Volume 1 cd
Laze aka The Big Dog Fo Real cd
LBC Crew Beware of my Crew (single) cd
Legit Ballaz-Respect the Game Vol 3 Compilation cd
LeJuan Love & DJ Man I Still Feel Good Cassette
Leviathan's Creation Self-Titled cd
Lifer's Group Lifer's Group Cassette
Lifer's Group Living Proof Cassette
Lil 1/2 Dead The Dead Has Arisen Cassette & cdr
Lil C.S. Dollars & Sins cd
Lil Flip Undaground Legend cd
Lil Jazz Game 4 U Suckaz cd
Lil Keke The Commission cd
Lil Milt Da Prophecy cdr
Lil Milt Brangin Sum cdr
Lil Pigg Penn The Hogg in Me cd & cassette
Lil Ric Deep N Tha Game cd & cassette
Lil Ric It's Like Armageddon cd
Lil Ric Wicked Streets cd & cassette
Lil Ric The Thug Nut (On One) cd
Lil Ric & Laroo Different Reality cd
Lil Sin Who Got Yo Back cd
Little Bruce Give it to Me Baby cd
Little Bruce XXXtra Manish cd & cassette
LL Cool J Bigger And Deffer cd & cassette
LL Cool J I Want You/Dangerous 12" Single
LL Cool J Radio cd & cassette
LL Cool J Radio Vinyl Album
LL Cool J Walking With A Panther Cassette
Lo Down Gangstaville cd & cassette
Locced Out Clique Factors In the Game cd
Lockdown Compilation cd
Low Profile We're in This Together cd
Lowdown The Dirty Dozen cd
L'Trimm Cars that Go Boom Cassette single
L'Trimm Grab It! Cassette
Luke Skywalker Bass Waves Compilation Cassette
Lunasicc Mr Lunasicc cd
Luni Coleone In the Mouth of Madness cd
M.E.D. Productions NYC Get Loose/Straight to the Dome/more 12" Single
M.O.G. Murder One Gangster Exposed to the Game Cassette & cdr
Mac & A.K. Westbound (For Riders Only) cd
Mac & A.K. Money Rhymes cd
Mac AL I know You Hate This cd
Mac Dre Back N Da Hood cd & cassette
Mac Dre Don't Hate the Player-Hate the Game cd
Mac Dre Heart of A Gangsta, Mind of A Hustler, Tongue of a Pimp cd
Mac Dre Stupid Doo Doo Dumb cd
Mac Dre The Rompalation 2 cd
Mac Dre Young Black Brotha The Album cd
Mac Dre It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say it cd
Mac Dre Mac Dammit & Friends cd
Mac Dre The Rompilation cd & cassette
Mac Dre What's Really Goin On? Cassette & cd
Mac Mall Illegal Business? cd & cassette
Mac Mall Illegal Business? 2000 cd
Mac Mall Immaculate cd
Mac Mall Untouchable cd
Mac Mall Mackin Speaks Louder than Words cd
Mac Shawn Music for tha Mobb cd
Mac Shawn presents Worldwide Bosses & Playas Compilation cd
Mack 10 Based on a True Story cd
Mad Dog Clique Just Mad Dog'n it cd
Madamoselle 'Boogie Girl' Lace A Fly Girl 12" Single
Mafiosos Fo Tha Money cd
Mafiosos Take Cover cd & cassette
Magnetic Force Magnetic Force Cassette
Main Source Breaking Atoms Cassette
Manson Family Helter Skelter cd
Mantronix Fresh Is the Word 12" Single
Mantronix The Album Vinyl Album
Mantronix This Should Move Ya Cassette
Marley Marl In Control Volume 2 cd
Marvaless Just Marvaless Cassette
Marvaless Wiccked cd & cassette
Mastamind Lickkuiddrano cd
Mastamind TheMindzi cd
Master Ace Incorporated Slaughterhouse Cassette
Master Gee Do It 12" Single
Master OC & Crazy Eddie feat. The Great Peso and The Main Attraction Private Lessons 12" Single
Master P 99 Ways To Die cd & cassette
Master P Get Away Clean Cassette
Master P Ice Cream Man cd & cassette
Master P I'm Bout It cd
Master P The Ghetto's Tryin To Kill Me (re-release 1997 No Limit/Priority) cd
Master P The Ghetto's Tryin To Kill Me (og 1994 No Limit/SMG) cdr & cassette
Mausberg Non Fiction cd
MC Ant The Comeback 91 Cassette
MC Ant The Great Cassette
MC Breed 20 Below cd & cassette
MC Breed Funkafied Cassette
MC Breed It's all Good cd
MC Breed The New Breed Cassette
MC Breed & DFC MC Breed & DFC cd
MC Chill Bust This Rhyme 12" Single
MC Craig G Oh Veronica 12" Single
MC Craig G Shout 12" Single
MC Craig G Transformer 12" Single
MC Dollar Bill Lifestyles of the Fresh & Fly 12" Single
MC Eiht Last Man Standing cd
MC Eiht Section 8 cd
MC Eiht Tha8t'z Gangsta cd
MC Fresh C My Brougham 12" Single
MC Hammer Lets Get It Started cd
MC Hammer Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em Cassette
MC Kooley "C" & DJ K.J. Our Time Has Come Cassette
MC Pooh Life of A Criminal Cassette
MC Rell & The Houserockers Into the Future Cassette
MC Ren Kizz My Black Azz Cassette
MC Ren Ruthless for Life cd
MC Ren The Shock of the Hour cd & cassette
MC Rod Life's A Bitch Cassette
MC Search Here it Comes Cassette single
MC Search Return of The Product Cassette
MC Shan feat. TJ Swan Left Me Lonely 12" Single
MC Shan Down By Law Cassette
MC Shy D Don't Sweat Me Cassette
MC Shy D Gotta Be Tough Cassette
MC Shy D I Want to Dance/Tearing It Up 12" Single
MC Twist Bad Influence Cassette
MC Twist & the Def Squad Comin Thru Like Warriors cd & cassette
MC Twist & the Def Squad I Like It Loud/Just Rock 12" Single
MCA & Burzootie Drum Machine 12" Single
Mean Green Major Players compilation cd
Melle Mel World War 3/The Mega-Melle Mix 12" Single
Memphis Drama Vol 2 Compilation cd
Menace Clan Da Hood Cassette
Menace II Society Soundtrack Cassette
Messy Marv Death On A Bitch cdr
Messy Marv Turf Politics cd
Messy Marv & San Quinn Explosive Mode cd
Mhisani Call it Like I See It cd
Miami Boyz Getting Off cd & cassette
Miami Boyz Miami Boyz cd & cassette
Miami Boyz Rollin N Steppin cd & cassette
Mike Mosely Platinum Plaques cd
Mikee Southern Life cd
Million Dollar Dream Compilation cd
Million Dollar Dream Money & Muscle cd
Million Dollar Dream This is How We Lay Low cd
Minority Militia Criminal Networks cd
Mitchy Slick Triggeration Station cd
MixMaster Gee & the Turntable Orchestra The Manipulator 12" Single
MJG No More Glory cd
Mob Figaz Mob Figaz cd
Mob Figaz The Comp cd
Mob House Gangsta Life Official cd
Mob House 2 The Mob-A-Lennium cd
Mob Tales Compilation cd
Mobb Unit Brain Dead cd
Moe-Man Straight Real cd & cassette
Moot Ditty The Hustler cd
Mossie, The Point Seen, Money Gone cd
Mossie,The Have Heart Have Money cd & cassette
Mr. Magic's Rap Attack Vol 1 Compilation Vinyl Album
Mr. Mike Wicked Wayz cd & cassette
Mr. Short Khop Da Khop Chop cd
Mr. Sicaluphacous presents The Unda Dogs Compilation/Soundtrack cd
Mr. Doctor Bombay cd
Mr. Doctor Setripn' Bloccstyle cd
Mr. Doctor Doc Holiday cd
Mr. Kee presents The Mobfia Untouchable cd
Mr. Mike Rhapsody cd
Mr. Peebodie Make it Happen cd
Mr. Quikk From Tennessee To Texas cd
Mr. Sandman 10% Love Me…90% Hate Me cd
Mr. Sandman Out of Time cd
Mr. Serv-On Life Insurance cd
Mr. Solo Mo Way Out cd
Murder Dog Southern XXX-Posure cd
Murder Dog presents Sac Kings Compilation cd
Murder Dog-Piranha Killer Fish Compilation cd
Murdersquad Murdersquad Nation Wide Cassette & cdr
Mystikal Unpredictable cd
N2Deep 24-7-365 cd
N2Deep Back to the Hotel cd & cassette
N2Deep The Golden State cd
N2Deep The Rumble cd
N2Deep Slightly Pimpish, Mostly Dogish cd
Natas Life After Death cd
Natas Multikillionare cd
Natas cd
NBG New Breed of Gangstaz Richmond-The City that Killz cd
Neighborhood Kingpins (NKPz) Kingpin Status cd
Neighborhood Vida Compilation cd
Nemesis Munchies For Your Bass cd & cassette
Nemesis Temple of Boom cd & cassette
Nemesis The People Want Bass Cassette
Never Show No Mercy cd
New Breed of Hustlers Ratha B-A Hustla Cassette
New York Scratchmasters #1 12" Single
New York Scratchmasters #4 12" Single
Newcleus Jam On Revenge Vinyl Album
Newcleus Na Na Beat 12" Single
Newcleus Space Is the Place Vinyl Album
Newcleus Jam On This-The Best of Newcleus cd
Newcleus Jam On Revenge Cassette
Next2Kin Ghetto Poetry Cassette
Nino (PKO) Self-Titled cd
Nino presents Playa Circle Compilation cd
NOH Mafia Niggaz on High cd & cassette
Nonfiktion Creative Differences cd
Notorious:Pimps, Playa's & Hustlas Compilation Cassette
Nu Mobbilation Vol 1 Compilation cd
Nu-Sounds Mackin cd
Nu-Sounds Mackin cd & cassette
Nutt-So The Movie cd
Nutt-so The Movie cd
NWA 100 Miles & Runnin Cassette single
NWA Dopeman/8-Ball (og versions) 12" Single
NWA Niggaz4life cd & cassette
NWA Straight Outta Compton cd & cassette
NWA & The Posse Self-Titled cdr
NYC Crazy Def Jams Compilation (Captain Rock,Sparky Dee,Mmarl) Vinyl Album
Nyke Loc The Hitlist cd
O.F.T.B. Return of the West cd
O.F.T.B. Straight Up Watts cd
Oaktown 357 Wild & Loose Cassette
OCU Penitentiary Bound Cassette
OCU Stronger Than The Mafia Cassette
Off Da Hook Off Da Hook Cassette
Old School Rap hits 2 Compilation cd
Old School Rap Hits 2 Compilation cd
On Hit' Chuy Gomez Compilation cd
One Day Motion Picture Soundtrack Compilation cd
One Million Strong Compilation cd
On-Hit Compilation Take Tour Hit & Pass It Cassette
ONYX Bacdafucup Cassette
Oomp Camp We too Deep cd
Original Concept (Dr. Dre & Ed Lover)MTV Straight From the Basement of Cooley High Cassette
Outkast Aquemini cd
OZ OZ Cassette
Parental Advisory Ghetto Street Funk Cassette
Paris Devil Made Me Do It cd & cassette
Paris The Devil Made me Do It (Single) Cassette single
Paris Unleashed cd
Paris Guerilla Funk Cassette
Paris Sleeping With the Enemy cd & cassette
Pastor Troy Face Off cd
Pastor Troy Universal Soldier cd
Penthouse Players Clique Paid the Cost Cassette
P-Folks Smoke Inhalation cd
Phat Beach Soundtrack Compilation cd
Pimpsta Texas Wada cd
Pistol Hittin' Like A Bullet Cassette
Pistol, Boogie Papa-J Back With a Vengeance cd
Pizzo Heater Calhoun cd
Pizzo Heater Man cd & cassette
Pizzo Gasoline cd
PKO Armed & Dangerous cd & cassette
PKO Don't Fuck With Texas Cassette
PKO They Scared of A Nigga cd & cassette
PKO No Pain, No Gain cd
PKO From Dirty to Clean cd
Playa Fly Movin On cd
Playa Fly Da Game Owes Me cd
Playa Fly Fly Shit cd
Playa Fly Just Gettin it on cd
Playa Hamm Layin Hamms cd
Playa Rich Project Spice 1 Compilation cd
Playas Association Bomb-bay cd
Playas Association Full Time Hustlin cd
Playas Association The Product (compilation) cd
Playaz & Ballaz Compilation cd
Playaz Tryna Strive(PTS) All Frames of the Game cd
Playya-1000 with the D'ksta Mo Drama cd
PMD Shade Business Cassette
Poetry N Motion Staying Down in South Central Cassette
Poets & Gangstas Compilation cd
Point Blank Mad At the World Cassette
Point Blank N-Tha-Hood cd
Point Blank Prone to Bad Dreams Cassette
Point Blank Bad Newz Travels Fast cd
Poison Clan The Girl That I Hate Cassette single
Pooh-Man Funky As I Wanna Be Cassette
Potna Duece Heron Soup cd & cassette
Potna Duece Welcome To Da Tilt cd
Pounds From Da Underground compilation cd
Prime Choice The Beat is Fresh 12" Single
Prime Factorz-Black C & Tay Da Tay Prime Factorz cd
Prince Vince & The Hip Hop Force Gangster Funk Cassette single
Project Pat Getty Green cd
Project Pat Mista Don't Play cd
Project Pat Layin' Da Smack Down cd
Proper Dos Mexican Power Cassette
Prophets of Rage No More Patience Cassette
PSD Game Costs Cassette
PSD The Drivah cd
PSK-13 Born Bad? cd
PSK-13 No Ordinary Aggin cd
P-Ski,macBoegish Self-Titled cd
Psycho Gangsta Ballin' 4 Life cd
Psycho Gangsta Stories of the Jack cd & cassette
Public Enemy Fear of A Black Planet Cassette
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to hold us Back cd
Public Enemy Public Enemy #1/Timebomb/Son of Public Enemy 12" Single
Public Enemy Yo! Bum Rush The Show cd
Public Enemy Yo! Bum Rush The Show Vinyl Album
Public Enemy You're Gonna Get Yours/Rebel/Miuzi 12" Single
Pusha Man Compilation cd
Q.D. III Soundlab Cassette
R.O.A. G4Life cd
R.O.A. Ready 4 Anything cd & cassette
Racola Jam The Chocolate Factory Cassette
Raheem The Invincible cd
Raheem The Vigilante cd
Rally Boys Rally World Vol 1 cd
Ralph Rolle Roxanne's A Man 12" Single
Rap G-Style Compilation cd
Rappers to Riches Compilation cd
Rappin' 4-Tay Don't Fight The Feelin' Cassette
Rappin Duke Rappin Duke 12" Single
Rappin Ron & Ant Diddly Dog Bad-N-Fluence cd
Raw Fusion Hoochiefied Funk Cassette
Raw Fusion Live From The Styleetron cd & cassette
Ray Luv Coup D' Etat cd
Ray Luv Forever Hustlin cd & cassette
Ray Luv Last Nite Cassette
Ray Luv Who Can Be Trusted? Cassette
RBL Posse A Lesson to Be Learned cd & cassette
RBL Posse An Eye For an Eye cd
RBL Posse Bootlegs & Bay Shit-The Resume cd
RBL Posse Ruthless by Law cd & cassette
RBL Posse Hostile Takeover cd
RBX No Mercy No Remorse cd
Real Roxanne The Real Roxanne Cassette
Realest Niggaz Down South Compilation cd
Reek Daddy Gangsta of the Year cd
Reese & Bigalow Pure Uncut Fire cd
Rhyme Poetic Mafia The Root of All Evil cd
Rhyme Sydicate (Ice-T) Comin Through (compilation) cd & cassette
Rhythm X Long Overdue Cassette & cdr
Rich Nice Information to Raise a Nation cd & cassette
Rich Tha Factor Pole Position cdr
Rich Tha Factor Factorism cdr
Rich Tha Factor Businessman cdr
Rich tha Factor & Rushin Roulette The Black Borda Bros cdr
Richie Rich 1/2 Thang cd & cassette
Richie Rich Don't Do it cd & cassette
Richie Rich Seasoned Veteran cd
Richie Rich The Game cd
Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three The Roof is on Fire 12" Single
Rocko How Long It Last cd
Rodney O These Are My Beats 12" Single
Rodney O & Joe Cooley Fuck New York cd
Rodney O & Joe Cooley Get Ready to Roll Cassette
Rodney O & Joe Cooley Me & Joe cd
Rodney O & Joe Cooley The Final Chapter cd
Rodney O & Joe Cooley This is For the Homies Cassette single
Rodney O & Joe Cooley Three the Hard Way cd & cassette
Ron C Back on The Street cd & cassette
Ron C C Ya cd & cassette
Ron C Raw 4 Life Cassette
Ron C South Side Rider cd
Rondo & Crazy Rak The Abused cd & cassette
Roots From The Underground Cassette
Roxanne Shante Queen of Rox 12" Single
Roxanne Shante Roxanne's Revenge 12" Single
Roxanne Shante The Def Fresh Crew/Biz Beat 12" Single
Roxanne Shante vs. Sparky Dee Round1/Sparky's Profile/Roxannes Profile 12" Single
Royal Flush 976-Dope Cassette
Royal Flush Uh Oh! cd & cassette
Run-D.M.C. King of Rock cd
Run-D.M.C. King of Rock Vinyl Album
Run-D.M.C. Run-D.M.C. cd & cassette
Run-D.M.C. Run-D.M.C. Vinyl Album
Run-D.M.C. Tougher Than Leather Cassette
Rushin Roulette AKA the Black Mexican Benchin Bricks cdr
S.S.P. Still Scandalous cd
S.T.N. Slick The.. Game Stress cd
S.W.I.F.F. Land of Funk Cassette
Saafir Boxcar Sessions Cassette
Sac Sin - Point Blank Range Compilation cd
Sac Sin - The Rezurecxtun Compilation cd
San Quinn Live N Direct cd
San Quinn The Hustle Continues cd
Savages Compilation cd
Scarface The Diary cd
Schoolly D Housing the Joint 12" Single
Schoolly D How a Blackman Feels Cassette
Screw Heads Forever & A Day cd
Screw Theory Vol 4 Compilation cd
Seagram Reality Check Cassette & cdr
Seagram The Dark Roads Cassette
Sean T Heated cd
Sean T Pimps, Lyrics & Dollar Signs Cassette
Sean T Straight From The Streets cd & cassette
Seattle…The Dark Side Compilation cd & cassette
Seff The Gaffla Livin Kinda Lavish Cassette
Select-O-Hits Compilation cd
Servin Ya Heat Compilation cd
Shango Shango Funk Theology Vinyl Album
Shoestring of Dayton Family Cross Addicted cd
Short Records presents Nationwide-independence Day Compilation cd
Showcase Magazine-muzik 2 Mobb 2 Compilation cd
S-I-C Long Lasting Cassette
Sicwidit Compilation The Hogg In Me cd & cassette
Sicx If These Walls could Talk cd
Side 2 Syde Sky Ballin Cassette
Side Industry Everyday Life cd
Silkk The Shocker cd & cassette
Silkk the Shocker Charge it 2 Da Game cd
Sir Mix-A-Lot Mack Daddy Cassette
Sir Mix-A-Lot SWASS cd
Sir-Mix-A-Lot Seminar Cassette
Sir-Mix-A-Lot Square Dance Rap/Let's G/I Just Love My Beat '85 12" Single
Ska-Face Al Kapone What Cha Got? cd
Skee64 Half Man Half Amazing cd
Ski & The Mafia Bitch U Gets Nathan cd & cassette
Skinny Boys Skinny & Proud/Rip The Cut pt2 12" Single
Skinny Boys Skinny (They Can't Get Enough) Cassette
Skinny Boys Stylin'/Set the Pace 12" Single
Skip Dog (EZSD) 1st the Money, Then the Power cd & cassette
Sleepdank The Bookalation:Murderbook Pt2 cd
Slumps From Da Bay Compilation cd
Smoked Outt Records Bussen Heads and Getting Paid cd
Smokin Suckaz With Logic Playin Fools Cassette
Snoop Doggy Dogg Doggystyle cd
Snoop Doggy Dogg The Doggfather cd
Snypaz Living In The Scope cd
So Busy On With The Show Cassette
Somethin For the Whodis Compilation cd
Soulja Slim Give it 2 'Em Raw cd
South Central Cartel All Day Everyday cd
South Central Cartel Concrete Jungle cd
South Central Cartel Gangsta Conversation cd
South Central Cartel N Gatz We Truss cd & cassette
South Circle Anotha Day Anotha Balla cd & cassette
South Coast Southern Comfort cd & cassette
Southern Invasion Compilation cd
Southwest Riders Compilation cd
Sparky Dee Sparky's Turn (Roxanne You're Through) 12" Single
Sparky Dee feat DJ Red Alert She's So Def/He's My DJ 12" Single
Sparky Dee vs. The Playgirls The Battle 12" Single
Spice 1 187 He Wrote Cassette
Spice 1 Amerikkka's Nightmare Cassette
Spice 1 Let It Be Known cd & cassette
Spice 1 1990-Sick cd
Spice 1 Spice 1 cd
Spice 1 The Black Bossalini cd
Spoonie Gee Get Off My Tip/Spoon-Spoon-Spoonie Gee 12" Single
Spread Yo Hustle compilation cd
Spyder D presents Battle of the Raps Compilation Vinyl Album
Spyder-D How Ya Like Me Now/The Heart of Hollis 12" Single
Spyder-D I Can't Wait to Rock the Mike 12" Single
Spyder-D Rap is Here to Stay/Buckwheat's Beat 12" Single
Spyder-D Try to Bite Me Now/The NY Butt 12" Single
Squad Mental Floss For the Globe Cassette
Starr Crew The Oaktree Rapp/Groove 12" Single
Steady B Believe Me Das Bad/Use Me (Before I go) 12" Single
Steady B Bring The Beat Back Cassette
Steady B Nasty Girls Cassette single
Steady B Take Your Radio 12" Single
Steady B What's My Name Vinyl Album
Steady Mobb'n Black Mafia cd
Steady Mobb'n Pre-Meditated Drama cd
Stereo MCs Supernatural Cassette
Stetsasonic In Full Gear Cassette
Stop The Violence Movement Self-Destruction Cassette single
Str8-G Shadow of A G Cassette
Straight Outta Sherman Oaks Compilation cd
Street Beats Compilation: Sugarhill 1984 Vinyl Album
Street Jams Electric funk Part 3 Cassette
Street Jams Electric Funk pt. 1 cd
Street Jams Electric Funk pt. 2 cd
Street Military Don't Give a Damn cd & cassette
Street Military Next Episode Cassette
Street Thugs Not To Be Fucked With cd & cassette
Strictly For the Businessmen, Ballarz & Hustlers Compilation cd
Style In Tone We Trust Cassette
Suave House The Album of the Year cd
Succes N Effect Back-N-Effect cd
Succes N Effect Drive By Of Uh Revolutionist Cassette
Succes N Effect In Tha Hood Cassette
Sugar Hill Gang Livin In the Fast Lane Cassette
Sugar Hill Gang meets The Furious Five Showdown Cassette single
SugarHill Gang Rapper's Delight Hip Hop Remix cd
Sugarhill Gang Work, Work, The Body! 12" Single
Super Nature (Salt & Pepper) The Show Stoppa 12" Single
Sway & Tech Concrete Jungle Cassette
Sweet Trio Fly Guy 12" Single
Swishahouse I-45 cd
Symphonic Evolution Revolution Cassette
T LA Rock Back To Burn/Breaking Bells 12" Single
T LA Rock Love Blind/Runaway 12" Single
T LA Rock This Beat Kicks/Scratch Monopoly 12" Single
Tab & Da Villon Do or Die Cassette
Tabb-Doe and the Money Mobb Reality Check cd
TAC of 51.50 Servin Knocks cd
Tadatay Anticipaytion cd
Tay Da Tay presents Grind & Post Compilation cd
TayDaTay presents Bay 2 Sac Compilation cd
Taylor Boyz Taylor Made cd
Tech N9ne The Calm Before the Storm Part 1 cd
Tech N9ne Anghellic cd
Tech N9ne Celcius cd
Tech N9ne Absolute Power cd
Tela Piece of Mind cd
Temptations Compilation cd
Terminator X Buck Whylin'/Wanna Be Dancin Cassette single
Terminator X & the Valley of the Jeep Beets Terminator X & the Valley of the Jeep Beets cd & cassette
Terrorists Terror Strikes-Always Bizness.. cd
Tha Alkaholiks Coast II Coast Cassette
Tha Mobaloti presented by Guce The Mob Won't Take no for an Answer cd
That Mobsta: Guess Mob Realas cd
The 28th St. Crew I Need A Rhythm Vinyl Album
The Alkaholiks 21 & Over Cassette
The Almighty RSO Revenge of The Bad Boyz Cassette single
The Art of Noise The Art of Noise (Beat Box) Cassette
The B Boys Stick Up Kids/Girls 12" Single
The Battle of Roxanne Mix album 12" Single
The Big Body Family presents Never Ending Conflict Compilation cd
The Brigade Compilation cd
The Brothers The Brothers/I Got Rhythm 12" Single
The City Side Crew Self-Titled cd
The Click Down and Dirty (OG) cd
The Click Game Related cd & cassette
The Click Money & Muscle cd
The Cold Crush Brothers Heartbreakers 12" Single
The Compton Compilation The Sound Control Mob-Under Investigation cd & cassette
The Concept Mr DJ 12" Single
The Coup Kill My Landlord cd & cassette
The Coup Genocide & Juice cd
The Coup Steal This Album cdr
The Coup Party Music (promo) cd
The Creeper The Creeper cd
The Dark Side Compilation Vol 1 cd
The Dark Side Compilation Vol 2 cd
The Dayton Family Welcome To The Dopehouse cd
The Deliquents Outta Control Cassette
The DOC Return of Da Livin' Dead Cassette single
The East Coast Crew The Final Word-No More Roxanne 12" Single
The EPA-City Compilation Dead on Arrival cd & cassette
The Fast 1 Down 4 tha Cause cd & cassette
The Fresh Force Crew Rock Me 12" Single
The Furious Five feat. Cowboy,Melle Mel,Scorpio Step Off 12" Single
The Future MCs Erotic Rapp/State of Shock Rapp 12" Single
The Gamblaz Ghetto Platinum cd
The Govenor Govenor's Taxin Cassette
The Govenor Floss Mode Cassette
The J To The D Living on The Edge Cassette
The Kartoon Krew Inspector Gadget 12" Single
The Medicine Men present 6-Shot ? cd
The Mighty Mike C (The Prez) I'm Stupid Fresh 12" Single
The Next School Profits of Unity Cassette single
The Next School Settin An Example Cassette
The Nonce World Ultimate Cassette
The Organization feat. Unknown DJ & Cli-N-Tel The Big Beats/Vice Beats 12" Single
The Perk Cross Artist Cassette
The Real Roxanne w/Hitman Howie Tee Romeo pt 1 & 2/Roxannes Groove 12" Single
The Relativez Takeover cd
The Showboys The Ten Laws of Rap/Cold Frontin' 12" Single
The Spin Masters Brothers/Evil E & Henry G 12" Single
The Stereo MCs The Stereo MCs Cassette
The Terrorists Terror Strikes..Always Biz,Never Personal cd & cassette
The Unexpected U Didn't know cd
The Unknown DJ 808 Beats 12" Single
The Unknown DJ Let's Jam 12" Single
The Unknown DJ The Unknown DJ/Break-Down 12" Single
The Whoridas High Times cd
The Whoridas Whoridin' cd
The Whoridas The Corner Store cd
Thicker Than Water Compilation cd
Threat Sickinnahead cd & cassette
Three 6 Mafia Chpt. 2:World Domination cd
Three 6 Mafia The End cd
Three 6 Mafia presents Choices Soundtrack cd
Three 6 Mafia Tear Da Club up Thugs Crazy N Da Laz Dayz cd
Three Cee's Gameplan Compilation cd
Thugz From Da Southside Kazed Out 2000mazdestruction cd
Tim Smooth I Gotsta' Have It (EP) Cassette
Tim Smooth Straight Up Drivin 'Em cd & cassette
Tim Smooth Da Franchise Player cd
T-Isaam Feat. DJ Magic Mike Southern Hospitality cd & cassette
T-Lowe Mack-A-Flama cd
TMFC How Bout Some Dick 12" Single
Toby T Caviar Dreams, Champagne Wishes cd
Toddy Tee Batterram 12" Single
Tom Skeemask You Can't Hold Me Back cd
Tommy Wright III Feel Me Before They Kill Me cd
Tommy Wright III Genesis cd
Tommy Wright III On The Run cd
Tone Loc Cool Hand Loc Cassette
Tone Loc Loc-ed After Dark Cassette
Tone-Loc Wild Thing Cassette single
Tony D Droppin Funky Verses Cassette
Too Gangsta For the Radio Compilation cd
Too Short Born to Mack cd
Too Short Born to Mack Vinyl Album
Too Short Freaky Tales 2:The Saga Continues Cassette single
Too Short Greatest Hits with 75 Girls Records Cassette
Too Short Players (75 Girls) Cassette
Too Short Short Dog's In The House Cassette & cd
Too Short Life is Too Short cd & cassette
Top Authority Rated G Cassette
Top Authority Somethin to Blaze to Cassette
Top Authority Top Authority Uncut-The New Yea cd
Totally Insane Backstreet Life cd & cassette
Totally Insane Goin Insane Cassette
Totally Insane No Title - 1998 Felonious Records cd
Tre-8 Ghetto Stories cd & cassette
Tricky Tee Johnny The Fox 12" Single
Trinity Garden Cartel Don't Blame It on the Music cd & cassette
Trinity Garden Cartel I'd Rather be Judged By 12…6 cd
Trinity Garden Cartel The Ghetto My Hood cd & cassette
Trinity Garden Cartel Da Saga Continues cd
Triple Beam 28g w/o the Bag cd
Triple Six Mafia Smoked Out Loced Out cd
TRU I Always Feel Like Cassette single
TRU Tru 2 Da Game cd
TRU True cd & cassette
True Mathematics Greatest Hits Cassette
Tuff Crew Back to Wreck Shop cd & cassette
Tuff Crew Danger Zone cd & cassette
Tuff Crew Still Dangerous Cassette
Turf Stories Compilation cd
Turk Young & Thuggin cd
Twilight 22 Twilight 22 (Eletric Kingdom) Cassette
Twin Hype Double Barrel Cassette
Twista & The Speedknot Mobstas Mobstability cd
Twista presents Legit Ballin New Testament 2K Street Scriptures cd
Two-illeven Ounce of Game cd & cassette
Two-Way Hustle-King George & Snake Pit records Ghetto Grammar compilation cd
U Know Who Dark Shadow Cassette
U.D.I. Drinks on Us cd
U.N.L.V. Baldhead Rick & SB cd
U.N.L.V. Uptown 4 Life cd
UGK Ridin' Dirty cd
UGK Super Tight cd
UGK Underground Kings Cassette
UGK Dirty Money cd
Ultramagnetic MCs Funk Your Head Up Cassette
Uncle Jamm's Army The Roach is on the Wall 12" Single
Uncle Jamm's Army What Your Sign/Naughty Boy 12" Single
Undasett G's Perspective cd & cassette
Under The StreetLight Compilation cd
Unforgiven Compilation cd
Unforgivin 2…Poetic 1 presents Compilation cd
Unsolved Mysteries Compilation cd
UTFO Doin It cd
UTFO Lethal Vinyl Album & cd
UTFO Roxanne,Roxanne/Hanging Out 12" Single
UTFO Skeezer Pleezer Vinyl Album & cd
UTFO UTFO cd & cassette & Vinyl Album
UTFO Ya Cold Wanna Be With Me/Diss 12" Single
V-Flo Ya Down Or Ya Not Cassette
Vicious Base & DJ Magic Mike Vicious Base & DJ Magic Mike Cassette
Vicious Bass & DJ Magic Mike C'Mon Cassette single
Vicious Four Hard Rap/Huffin & buffin 12" Single
Villain Skanless But True Cassette
Warren G Regulate… G Funk Era cd
Way 2 Real 38th Street cd
Wayne & Charlie Party Right 12" Single
WC Ghetto Heisman cd
WC and the Maad Circle Curb Servin' Cassette
WC and the Maad Circle Dress Code Cassette single
WC and the Maad Circle Ain't a Damn Thang Changed cd
Wee Papa Girls The Beat, The Rhyme, The Noise Cassette
Well Connected Compilation cd
West Coast Bad Boys 2 Compilation cd
West Coast Bad Boyz High Fo X-mas cdr
West Coast Bad Boyz High Fo X-mas cd
West Coast Bad Boyz Vol 1 (OG) Anotha Level of The Game cd & cassette
West Coast Bad Boyz Vol 1 (Re-release) Anotha Level of The Game cd
West Coast Crew Jailbait 12" Single
West Coast Mobbin Compilation cd
West Coast Rap The First Dynasty Vol 1 cd
West Coast Rap Vol 1 Compilation cd
West Coast Rhyme Sayrz The Land of Pimps and Hoes cd
West Street Mob Monster Jam/Let's Jam 12" Single
Whistle Falling in Love 12" Single
Whistle Just Buggin 12" Single
Whistle Just Buggin/Buggin Much Hard 12" Single
White Boys This is Hardcore,Is it Not?/Coolin in the Crib 12" Single
Who Put Sac on the Map 2? Let's Get it On cd
Who Put Sac on The Map? Compilation Cassette & cdr
Whodini Back In Black Vinyl Album
Whodini Funky Beat/The Whodini Mega Mix 12" Single
Whodini One Love 12" Single
Whodini Whodini Vinyl Album
Whodini Greatest Hits cd
Wild Boyz It Had to Be Done cd & cassette
Willie D Controversy cd
Willie D I'm Goin' Out Like a Soldier cd
Woodie Yoc Influenced cd
Woodie Life Stories Vol.1 cd
World Class Wreckin Crew World Class Vinyl Album
World Class Wreckin Cru Surgery 12" Single
World Class Wreckin Cru Turn Off the Lights cd
X-Clan To the East, Blackwards cd & cassette
X-Raided Psycho Active cd & cassette
X-Raided Unforgivin cd
X-Raided Xorcist Cassette
X-Raided presents The Initiation Compilation cd
Y-D Give It Up To The G's cd & cassette
Yo Lynch Lynch Land cd
Yomo & Maulkie Are U Experienced? Cassette
Young & Restless Something To Get You Hyped cd & cassette
Young & Restless That Was Then…This is Now! cd & cassette
Young Black Teenagers Dead Enz Kidz Doin Lifetime Bidz Cassette
Young Black Teenagers Young Black Teenagers Cassette
Young D Boys Sellin' Cocaine As Usual Cassette single & cd
Young D Boys Straight Game cd
Young Droop 1990-Hate cd
Young Droop Moment of Impact cd
Young Dru Flame Spitter cd
Young Ed Time to Stack cd
Young Joker Who's Laughin at Cha? cd
Young Know Takin it to The Next cd
Young Kyoz Black Roses cd
Young Lay Black N Dangerous cd
Young Lay Unsolved Mysteries cd
Young Life Thugg Muzikk cd
Young MC I Let Em Know/The Fastest Rhyme/My name is Young 12" Single
Young Murder Squad How We Livin Cassette & cdr
Young Prodeje Diablo Flame On cd
Young Rich The Factor Getting a Grip cdr
Young Ridah Look Who's Flossin cd
Young Rome feat Skeem The War is ON cd
Young Soldierz Young Soldierz cd & cassette
Young Southern Playaz Vol.3 Compilation Cassette
YSP Click Young Southern Playaz Vol 1 Compilation cd
YSP Click Young Southern Playaz Vol 2 Compilation cd
Yukmouth United Ghettos of America cd
Yungstar Throwed Young Playa cd
Z-3 MCs Triple Threat 12" Single
Za Boo aka Boozilla Full Fledged Member cd
Zelee No More Roxanne 12" Single
Z-Ro Look What You Did to Me cdr
Z-Ro Z-Ro vs. The World cd
Z-Ro Z-Ro cd

Wantlist Most Wanted Items!!!

Da Herbman Blowin Big/Mafia Melodies cd
Julox Mr 5150 cd
Master P The Ghetto's Tryin to Kill Me (OG) 1994 No Limit/SMG cd
MixMaster Gee & the Turntable Orchestra Manipulator cd
New York Scratchmasters Any one of the records they put out except #1 & 4 vinyl
Success N Effect In Tha Hood cd
The Union Compilation (out of LA in 1988) cassette
Tim Smooth I Gotsta Have It cd